Daily Essentials June 2017 – What’s in your pockets?

Daily Essentials June 2017 – What’s in your pockets?

“Fortune favours the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur

Do you ever have those days? You know the ones I’m talking about right? You’re running late for work, you rush out of the door, jump into your car, put your foot to the floor and just make it to work in time. Everything seems fine..but then it hits you, reaching down into your pocket… you realize that your phone isn’t there. Your stomach twists and you realize you have to tackle the day without your favorite possession. Believe me, I have been there and it isn’t a great feeling. Far from it in fact.

I would say that the items you carry around with you every day are often overlooked. Personally, I have always been fascinated by the different items that people carry around with them day in and day out, there is such a massive contrast when you look at people in different areas, people with different jobs etc. If I were to ask you what you absolutely cannot leave the house without, what items spring to mind?

In my experience, there are a few items that are pretty universal, basic items such as; a mobile phone, house and or car keys and a wallet or purse. You then get into the more specialist items. Cliff who is also known as “The Urban Prepper” on Youtube has a quite detailed “Tier” system that he uses to organise his EDC, in which he explains that the first tier of his EDC (Every Day Carry) consists of the items he simply cannot leave home without, this includes the items mentioned above, as well as a pocket knife, a multi-tool, and a flashlight. The next tier is made of other items he likes to have but doesn’t feel are completely essential. It goes on as such for each tier of the system. I will link his latest EDC video here for you to watch. I highly recommend his channel and although I personally consider some of his stuff overkill, it is definitely full of good ideas and worth a watch!

In my own life, my Everyday Essentials are pretty simple. Just to give you some background, I work for a software company just outside of London. I am right in the middle of civilization and the most common emergency I find myself encountering is my phone running out of charge!

Now we get to the good part. I will give you a brief overview of what it is that I actually carry and my reasoning for it. I will order my list in terms of how essential I deem the item to be, 1 being the highest, 4 being the lowest.

1. Prescription glasses – This is probably the least cool item on the list but it snatched the top spot for reasons that are quite obvious. Everything I do revolves around being able to see. Without my eyes, I would struggle to drive, read, use a computer, just about anything that involves sight, I’m sure you get the picture (pun heavily intended). The glasses I wear are Tommy Hilfiger TH81 Frame from Specsavers. The Frames were £125 and I added the Ultradrive Tint for £30 extra. My frames are the traditional Tommy Hilfiger Red White and Blue, the red and white are subtly layered in the frame, see the image for what I mean by that. Definitely a worthwhile purchase and definitely an Everday Essential

I also have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I use for the incredibly brief summer we get here in Britain. The sunglasses I use are the Superdry “SD Sun RX Supergami” frames with black lenses. These were also £125 from Specsavers. You can pick up both pairs from Specsavers by clicking here, however, If it’s just the sunglasses you are after, you can get a similar pair from Amazon by clicking here.

2. The second most essential item I carry with me on a daily basis would have to be my mobile phone. The one I currently use is the iPhone 6S (Space Grey 64GB Version). There isn’t much to be said about this iPhone, you either love it or you hate it. The Android vs Apple argument is definitely something I will be posting about in the future. I was a die-hard Android fan up until a few months ago when I broke down and bought my first iPhone. I do not regret my decision at all and that is all I am going to say on the matter.

In terms of the importance of my phone, I feel physically sick to my stomach when I am not with it, I do everything on my phone from my social networking and music to my shopping (Apple Pay is a blessing and a curse).

I’m sure you can relate in regards to you phone being an extension of yourself. Being as important as it is, although I very much agree that most phones look so much better without a case or screen protector, I have to have a case and glass screen protector on mine and I get anxiety when I see people without these. I live in constant fear of shattering my screen, but it’s fear that keeps us alive right?

The particular case and screen protector that I use are the “JoyGuard Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Case” and the “Anker GlassGuard iPhone 6S Screen Protector” which you can get on Amazon by clicking the name of each item. They are both very cost effective options, the JoyGuard case even comes with a glass screen protector, but in all honesty, it isn’t the same quality and the Anker one comes with a lifetime warranty, seems like an easy choice to make to me.

3. The third item on my list is again, a fairly obvious one. I don’t think there is much I can say about this one. I always have to have my car/house keys on my person, otherwise, I’m not able to drive or get back into my house. I often see people that bulk up their key rings with all sorts of gadgets like torches, whistles, even mini lighters! While this may be cool and they might use the items day in and day out, I can’t see any use for any items other than the fob for my car and my house keys. I tend to find that when you bulk out your keys, you get an abnormally large bulge in your pocket and that can tend to give people the wrong impression… let’s leave it there. Enough said.

4. My wallet has found itself in the fourth spot of my list, purely due to the fact that I able to use my phone for most smaller transactions throughout the day, meaning that I can survive leaving the house without it. In general, I do carry, my wallet, in my wallet I carry a few loyalty cards such as the Tesco Clubcard, Sainsbury’s Nectar Card, and Omega Membership Card (more on that later..). Other than that all that’s in there is standard wallet-y stuff such as my Debit Card, Credit Card and Driver’s License. I try to keep £100’s worth of notes in there too, just in case I find myself in a situation where the card machine is broken or something of that nature.
I pride myself on keeping quite a neat wallet, at the end of every week I give it a clear out and remove unwanted receipts, any business cards or other things I have collected over the week but don’t need.
My wallet of choice is one of the Tommy Hilfiger Bifold wallets. Mine did have a removable ID Slot which I took out due to it adding unnecessary bulk. I have had mine for about 6 months now and it is looking well used, the leather seems to be good quality and it is thin enough to stay in my back pocket all day. I paid £45 for mine from Amazon. I couldn’t find the exact one I purchased, but you will find a link to one that is similar here if you want to look into picking one up. I can’t recommend it enough as relatively cheap but high-quality wallet.

4. The last item on my list could be considered a luxury, however, it’s an essential to me. Watches are one of the biggest topics of controversy in our current day and age. Some would argue that a watch is a pointless redundancy. After all, what’s the point in forking out hundreds, or even thousands of pounds on something that tells you just the time when your phone does exactly the same? Times have changed and nowadays and it isn’t difficult to pick yourself up a decent watch without breaking the bank. Some people would cringe at the idea of spending £100 pounds on a watch, some people will drop upwards of £1000 without batting an eyelid. Personally, I would fall in with the latter. I have owned many watches over the years and in those years I have learned a lot of things. As much as I would love to drone on about it, that isn’t today’s topic and shall be reserved for a later blog. My current watch of choice is the 2016 model of the Omega Seamaster Chronograph, with the 44mm Case and black face. It’s a hefty timepiece, but after a few days of wearing it, the weight is unnoticeable. I plan on fully reviewing it at a later date, so, for now, you will just have to wait 😉

Now it’s time to pass the baton over to you… What are your daily essentials? What do you think of mine? Let’s get a discussion started in the comments!


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